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About Us

We Believe in Your Creative Vision

We believe in your creative vision to stand-out at a crowded event, draw in audiences from afar and disrupt the status quo with world-class experiential marketing. Disrupting the status quo to build brand awareness, activate new customers and grow and protect your fan loyalty comes with trusting an experiential marketing custom fabrication company to build your unique and one-of-a-kind product launch vehicles, trailers, kiosks, displays and activation elements.


At CAD industries, we've been trusted by the world's top brands and marketing agencies to custom fabricate product experiences and build experiential marketing that consistently disrupts the status quo, is delivered on time, has outstanding build quality and begins with a client's creative design render.

The trust you give our in-house team of world class custom fabricators, graphic artists, and powder coating professionals is the catalyst to turning your render into reality. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that the components selected to build your experiential marketing vehicle, trailer, kiosks, displays, and activation elements will be based on your creative vision and render, agreed upon in advance, and confirmed throughout fabrication and final inspection to ensure we deliver the quality that you, your brand and your customers expect. 

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