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Experiential Marketing Fabrication Services

 A world class team to meet your deadlines

At CAD Industries, we've built a team with deep expertise in graphic design, CNC operations, welding, metal fabrication, glass and woodwork, upholstery stitching and finishing, paint and powder coating, large format graphics printing and install, HVAC, hydraulics, motors and controls, audio, lighting, electrical systems and a commitment to exceptional fit and finish.


We built this world class, in-house team to eliminate the risk of unnecessary fabrication delays that can occur from outsourcing fabrication. Your custom fabrication takes place at our in-house, experiential marketing fabrication facility strategically located near Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. 

Within a few days your experiential marketing vehicle, trailer, kiosk, display or activation element can be anywhere in the country for your event. As a result, we give you peace of mind on meeting your event deadline.

Tech Drawings

We start by converting your visual render into digital technical drawings that meet engineering specifications.


This is our guide to raw materials, manufacturing, graphics, powder coating, paint, final assembly and exceeding your on time expectations. 

Our design capabilities include


  • conceptual renderings

  • engineering certifications

  • 3D solidworks drawings

 Raw Materials 

We build your project with raw materials like steel tubing and extruded aluminum - so we can control build quality and lead times.

Say goodbye to hearing excuses about outsourced vendor delays and materials that don't hold up. 


Our raw materials sourcing allows us to get a wide variety of metal, textile, fabric, glass, wood, laminate, paint, vinyl, plastic, hydraulics, motors and controls, electronics, lighting, audio, plumbing fixtures and HVAC heating and cooling systems. 


We believe fabricating your experiential marketing vehicle, drop trailer, interactive kiosk or event element requires world class fabrication specialists.

At CAD Industries you'll get precision masters to deliver the 'fit and finish' your brand deserves. 

Our fabrication capabilities include

  • Waterjet and CNC Routers

  • Welding and Tube Bending

  • HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

  • Speciality Mechanics

  • TV's, Tablets & Phones

  • Audio Systems & Lighting

  • Graphic Wrap Installation and Floor Graphics

  • Paint & Powder-Coating

  • Fabric Finishing

  • Wide Format Digital Printing

  • Modix Big 180x V4 3D Printer

  • Signage and Banners


Whether you need to deliver the world's largest grill to a tailgate party, or a full-size rocket to a whisky tasting, or the largest shower setup to a mud run, we can help.


CAD Industries experiential marketing in-house fabrication facility is strategically near Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.This gives us the ability to quickly transport your custom vehicle, trailer, kiosk, display, and activation elements to anywhere in the country. 


We will fulfill any delivery requirement you have.



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