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Top 3 Experiential Marketing Ideas to Launch New Products in 2020!

You might be looking for new experiential marketing ideas in 2020, to launch new products with your audience. COVID-19 has created uncertainty and a new normal for your exhibits, events and shows where you usually engage with loyal fans, share product samples and launch new products with new customer segments. We believe you can still execute experiential marketing in 2020 and still practice social distancing. Here's our top 3 experiential marketing ideas that we think will help you boost revenues during the COVID-19 crisis, promote your products to new audience segments, and lower risks during social gatherings.

1. Road Show for Product Launch

Bring your new products to customers on an experiential marketing road show. Even though COVID-19 has shutdown events where you normally engage with your customer segments, you can bring the product launch to your customers. Explore the idea of a customized experiential marketing vehicle to launch your new products at Essential Business locations that are open during COVID-19.

Identify Essential Businesses to partner with and co-promote your product launch, implement a social distancing plan to safely distribute products or provide samples, and engage on social media, and press outlets to capture audience attention and engagement.

2. Kiosk Setups for Livestream Beverage Sampling

You are still launching new food and beverage products during COVID-19. As your customers spend more time at the stores, it is an opportunity to provide more product variety and options, and brings a welcomed distraction from the new normal of the coronavirus pandemic. You provide brief moments of change, optimism and excitement with new beverage products for customers to browse, select and enjoy. COVID-19 has impacted how you share beverage samples - no more large festivals to engage crowds, and no more open top sampling cups for quick and easy consumption. However, high traffic locations are opening, and provide an opportunity to quickly setup a kiosk, engage new customer segments with single use and sealed beverage samples, and still practice social distancing with sanitary beverage sample distribution.

You'll want to design a beverage sample experience, where you can quickly setup and tear down the kiosk and travel to the next location. Incorporate a socially distanced section of the kiosk where people can consume your beverages and share their experience live, with sound and video. Livestream these experiences onto large LED screens, so people can see and hear what is happening at a safe distance. This might also encourage others to come to your kiosk, see that you are practicing social distancing, and enjoy one of your beverage samples.

After each event, edit the livestream footage into short video clips and share on organic social media, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and other video ad platforms. You can even share the experiences on LED screen 1 at your event, and LED screen 2 is the Livestream content happening in real time.

3. Trailer with Open-Air Design for Product Demo

You are creating products that need to be experienced in person, to get the full effect. You've decided an online video or demo won't convert someone into a customer. Drop trailers are an excellent solution to create an engaging experience and still provide safe social distancing and sanitary cleaning requirements of products and surfaces. With a drop trailer, the trailer "drops" to ground level, making it approachable, and easy for potential customers to view your experience from eye-level. This is great because potential customers can evaluate that you are practicing social distancing and conducting sanitary product demos - providing trust to enter your drop trailer for a product demo.

You will also want to take advantage of large, exterior LED screens, so potential customers can watch live demos from a safe distance and get excited to enter your drop trailer for a product demo - it might also encourage people to get in line for a demo who otherwise would have kept walking by. Lastly, you'll want appropriate fresh air ventilation in your product demo drop trailer. You can accomplish this with a built-in HVAC system and an open air design that allows fresh air to flow into the trailer from the sides.

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