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4 Ways Graphics Can Be Used During A Pandemic!

With big changes and uncertainty during this difficult time, print is important now more than ever. While giving brands an opportunity to stay connected to their customers, it is a great way to cut through all the noise of digital media. With pop-up ads everywhere online, it is hard to reach your target audience and appear creditable. Printed media is seen as more trustworthy than digital media and is a less invasive, relaxed form of marketing. Here are a few ways to use print to guide the way to safety and success.

1. Signs & Windows

Custom signs and window decals are a great way to remind guests and employees how to stay safe and follow the COVID-19 regulations. Signs can be used to show people that your store or company is open for business and committed to safe hygiene. Information keeps everyone safer and signs are the perfect tool to convey it.

2. Floors & Sidewalks

COVID-19 floor and sidewalk decals are a must have for all businesses that are open right now. It is important to create a social distancing plan for stores or companies. Floor decals are an effective way to direct guests or customers throughout the store or company and serves as a reminder to keep a safe distance.

3. Dividers & Shields

Dividers and shields give customers and employees peace of mind and the confidence needed to visit or work safely. Social distancing barriers help keep coughs, sneezes, and particulates from entering personal space between customers and employees. Add custom decals to showcase a brand or design style and make it a unique feature for the store or company, all while keeping everyone safe. Dividers and shields are great for the office, restaurants, salons, retail, and more.

4. Vehicles & Transportation

Get your brand noticed on the road with custom vehicle graphics. It is one of the best ways to get people interested in checking out the company’s websites / social media. Graphics are easy to change to accommodate the growing industry of marketing and advertisements and they show credibility. Vehicle graphics are cost effective and protect the vehicle from scratches and UV rays from the sun.

CAD Industries is a company that provides professional graphics in-house. This eliminates the risk of unnecessary delays which provides peace of mind during this time.

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