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Mobile Medical Solutions During Covid - 19

Mobile Medical Trailers

CAD Industries offers Mobile Medical Trailers that are the perfect solution for bringing health services to those in need of medical care. Our trailers offer separate exam rooms to provide privacy and comfort for your patients. It also has a centralized office area and lavatory. These trailers offer a cost-effective solution to all types of medical practitioners.

Trailer Features

Our custom mobile medical trailers feature two exam rooms with medical grade exam tables, sinks and cabinets. There is a centralized office space that includes a patient check-in desk, upper and lower cabinets and a countertop workstation. The trailer has two A/C units, electric heat and LED lighting all powered by an onboard generator or shore power. Our medical trailers can be completely customized to cater to any of your needs or demands.

Mobile Services

Mobile medical trailers are perfect for health industry services that include medical clinics, health screenings and COVID-19 testing.

For more information on our customized mobile medical trailers and capabilities, contact Chris Ryba 262-515-5946.

*First Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unplash


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